Bravura Finance Assignment Calculation

To determine the assigned amount, add the total cost of goods and services being provided plus funds being advanced to the family (if any) and the fee. The fee is calculated by multiplying the total to be funded by the rate, which in the example below is

Total cost of goods/services due funeral home $7,500,.00 
Total funds advanced to the family (if any) $2,000.00
Total amount to be funded $9,500.00
Multiply by the rate x 4.50%
Bravura finance fee $427.50
Amount assigned (total funded + fee) $9,927.50

In the example above, you would submit an assignment for $9,927.50, and would receive the $7,500 to cover the cost of goods and services due. The family would receive $2,000 once policy information is verified. We take the fee out of the amount assigned at no cost to you.

We believe by explaining to the family that funds are made available almost immediately, their concerns over timing of payment for the services they chose are eliminated. This results in one less issue for the family to worry about. You receive your funds quickly allowing you to focus on the more pressing needs of your business.

The example above illustrates a situation in which the assigned amount covers the cost of the funeral and an additional amount for the family. Should the family have need for additional funds, Bravura Finance is willing to factor an amount above the cost of the funeral depending on the value of the policy. Just ask us.
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