Bravura Finance is...
a full service commercial finance company offering small-to-midsize business Accounts Receivable Financing, Simply put, we purchase invoices from business and Insurance Assignments from funeral homes that are “now” due and payable, at a discount for the less than the face value.

We are dedicated in assisting our customers with the highest level of prompt and detailed attention to their needs.  Our passion for service helps to increase your business performance, growth and efficiency.  We understand first-hand how important it is to have a company you can count on.  So let Bravura Finance provide you with the quality service you deserve.

Accounts Receivable Financing:

Bravura Finance’s “Cash-Flow Acceleration Service” is an efficient cost-effective solution to accelerate cash-flow to “your” business. A company’s invoices represents a business’s most valuable assets. However, until the invoice has been paid, they do not contribute to the company’s cash-flow.


With Bravura Finance's “CASH-FLOW ACCELERATION SERVICE” your company will have the following benefits:
  - Pay your creditors on time
  - Take advantage of vendor invoice discounts such as 2% net 10
  - Maintain a good credit rating
  - Continue your business growth
  - Make payroll on time

To Apply, click here and complete the application.   For more information,
Contact Us Today 317-830-8147 

Life Insurance Assignment Funding Services:

Bravura Finance is an Insurance Assignment Specialty Firm that works with Life Insurance Companies and Funeral Homes nationally, to provide an alternative funding service to families who cannot afford to pay for the funeral of a loved one.
In the event that the funds are not readily available to an individual at the time that funeral services are necessary, Bravura Finance will work with the Life Insurance Company and Funeral Home, to provide the funds to cover the final expenses for the burial of a loved one. Bravura Finance is dedicated to providing prompt service with the highest level of customer attention while assisting with funeral funding needs.

We go the extra mile in working with funeral home professionals to insure their understanding of all the financing options Bravura Finance has available. Bravura Finance funds quickly so that funeral home professionals are able to focus on their main goals of assisting families during this difficult period.

Finally, we believe in long lasting relationships with our clients and look forward to working with you. Our team is willing and able to assist you in any way possible in order to move a policy quickly through the system. If there is something not traditionally handled by assignment companies, we will gladly review and do our best to accommodate your needs. If you have an issue of any kind that you would like to address and/or any questions or need additional information, please contact us today.  Office 317-830-8147 or via email

The Best Regards,

Michael J. Covington
Chief Executive Officer
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