The Bravura Finance Process

Bravura Finance shares your goal of a fast turn-around and. In fact, once your account is setup, most claims can be funded within 48 hours.

  • You complete the forms
  • We contact the insurance companies and verify the information submitted
  • You submit a copy of the first page and the beneficiary page of the insurance policy
  • We fund and
  • You submit the death certificate within 10 Days of funding

The simple 3-step process to set up an account and fund your first insurance claim.

Funeral home submits a one-time initial
to become a Bravura Finance Client.
Fax forms to 866-554-0262 or email to
Once the funeral home has a policy to be used to pay for a funeral;
the funeral home completes and submits a REQUEST FOR FUNDING VERIFICATION FORM.  Following the completion of the Request for Funding Verification Form, the next document to be completed and submitted is the IRREVOCABLE ASSIGNMENT AND POWER OF ATTORNEY
Ensure all documents are properly signed and the
ASSIGNMENT FORM is notarized.
Fax forms to 866-554-0262 or email to
Beneficiary(s) completes applicable forms for
The form(s) will be provided by Bravura Finance immediately upon receipt of items in above (see 2) and the insurance company is determined
In addition, if possible, submit the front page and beneficiary page of life insurance policy with the submission of the documents listed above.  
Fax forms to 866-554-0262 or email to
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